Levante LV-SB5105 Bb Bass Saxophone



Discover the resonant sounds of the Levante LV-SB5105 Bb Bass Saxophone, a remarkable instrument that pairs superior craftsmanship with an immersive musical experience. This bass saxophone, tuned in Bb, produces a deep, warm tone, perfect for jazz, band, or orchestral settings. Crafted with precision and a keen eye for detail, it features a sturdy body made from high-grade brass, complemented by a gold-lacquer finish for a classic aesthetic appeal. The LV-SB5105 also includes robust leather pads and metal resonators, ensuring durability and optimum sound projection. Equipped with a lightweight case for convenient storage and transport, the Levante LV-SB5105 Bb Bass Saxophone provides musicians with an unparalleled blend of style, performance, and comfort.


  • Tune: BBb
  • Body, bell and neck made of brass w/ B-flat key
  • Key: High F key
  • Waterkey
  • Pearl key buttons
  • High quality leather pads
  • Adjustable playing stand
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Instrument complete workshop tested
  • Includes Mouthpiece with reed, ligature and cap
  • Includes Swab and gloves
  • Instrument weight: 8,6 kg or 18.96 lbs

The instrument is often used as a foundation for the rhythm section in jazz ensembles and provides a rich and powerful foundation to any musical performance. With its unique sound and powerful presence, the Bass Saxophone is an excellent choice for advanced musicians looking to expand their tonal palette.