If you listen to a lot of jazz and like the distinctive sound of jazz bass, it’s probably time to learn to play this instrument. It’s nothing new to us because sooner or later most music fans want to try their hand at playing music. Does it make sense for a beginner guitarist to start with jazz guitar? Or maybe it’s better to learn the basics of classical music? Everyone was once a beginner. Why not begin a new adventure with a jazz guitar?

What exactly is a jazz guitar?

Jazz guitar can mean both a type of electric guitar and a style of guitar playing in jazz. In the latter case, electrical amplification is used to increase the volume of the acoustic guitar. The best jazz guitar is one you feel comfortable playing. One you can play with your favorite expression and dynamics. Therefore, choosing a jazz guitar, your personal preferences should come first.

Fender Jazz Bass
The Fender Jazz Bass has a specific, funky sound that has been appreciated by many famous artists such as Adam Clayton of U2, Frank Bello of Anthrax, or John Entwistle of The Who. Its timeless sound continues to grow its fanbase even though the Fender Jazz Bass has been around since the 1960s. The nickname “Jazz” in Fender Jazz Bass came from the initial assumption of the guitar’s creators that a more slender and rounded guitar neck would find favor with jazz guitarists.

Jazz guitar chords
Anyone who has ever started playing the jazz guitar will tell you that learning jazz chords is not easy. The difficulty comes from the fact that jazz relies heavily on seventh chords. A seventh chord means four notes grouped in thirds. It’s worth knowing that there are only four different “families” of chord types when it comes to jazz guitar chords. The characteristic sound is partly due to the progression of jazz chords (combining them). Jazz chords differ from chords in pop music.

If you want to play walking bass and chords in any jazz standard, create bass lines that are the basis of jazz guitar chord melodies, and try learning with prepared chords.

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