Accessory – jazz shoes
Jazz is a spectacular dance that combines elements of ballet, acrobatic and modern dance. It gives great freedom of interpretation, and the only two limitations for dancers are rhythm and so-called polycentrism (the ability to isolate individual body parts). In jazz dance, you combine elements of acrobatics and ballet, which means your legs should have full freedom of movement. That is why jazz shoes are created.

Where does jazz dance come from?
Jazz dance draws many elements from ballet. It combines the basics of ballet movements with the grace known to every ballet lover. Did you know that the famous cradle of jazz dance is Harlem? Jazz was danced in clubs and on the streets, and soon it became so popular that it entered dance studios.

Jazz dance became admired and dancers and amateurs began to treat it as a kind of sports activity, in which the right accessories are of big help. Jazz shoes became the basic equipment of every jazz dancer’s bag because almost all the magic of movement is focused on the legs.

Are jazz shoes necessary?
If you want to dance jazz, sooner or later you will conclude that having the right shoes is a must. This dance is a show of the dancer’s physical skills, hence, he or she is to some extent exposed to injuries. To reduce them, you should buy comfortable shoes – jazz shoes.

Jazz shoes are designed specifically for jazz dancing. To make it possible to perform well during dance moves, jazz shoes must be flexible and fit snugly to the feet. Therefore, they usually have rubber full or split soles that provide traction when performing a variety of dance styles, from jazz to hip-hop.

How are jazz shoes made?
Jazz shoes are usually made of natural leather, canvas, or soft leatherette, as they are designed to provide maximum comfort and flexibility on the stage. There are different varieties of jazz shoes. They can be more or less enclosed, slip-on, or lace-up. But they all have one thing in common – a thicker rubber heel, which is supposed to provide good cushioning when performing dance figures.

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