Etude ETS-200 Student Series Tenor Saxophone



Meet the Etude ETS-200 Student Series Tenor Saxophone, an exemplary instrument for those embarking on their musical journey. Designed specifically for beginners, the ETS-200 is built with ease-of-play in mind, while offering a rich, resonant sound that can compete with higher-end models. Its sturdy brass body ensures durability, while the clear lacquer finish adds a sleek, classic touch. Key features include high F# key, power-forged keys, and a responsive, smooth key action, providing an intuitive experience for the player. This tenor saxophone comes complete with a protective carrying case for secure transport. With the Etude ETS-200 Student Series Tenor Saxophone, students can learn with confidence and style.


  • Lacquered brass body, neck and bell
  • Tilting G# and Bb table keys
  • Lacquered keys
  • Leather pads
  • Plastic tone boosters Includes mouthpiece, ligature and cap

The tenor saxophone is often used as a solo instrument in jazz ensembles and is also featured in orchestral and chamber music. With its versatile sound and expressive capabilities, the Tenor Saxophone is an excellent choice for musicians of all levels.