Are you a jazz fan? Would you like to start learning to play one of the characteristic jazz instruments? Then think of a saxophone, a very interesting choice for all jazz lovers. Although the sound of the saxophone is immediately associated with jazz standards, it is one of the most universal instruments that will work as a strong accent in songs of various musical styles.

Which saxophone to choose?

While choosing a saxophone may seem like a piece of cake, it requires a certain amount of knowledge. The first thing to understand is the division of saxophones. This division results primarily from the individual sound capabilities and the range of the instrument’s scale.

There are several basic types of saxophones:
tenor sax – is a medium-sized inverted S-shaped saxophone that has a clean sound and comes in B tuning.
alto sax – is the most popular type of saxophone, has a warm, rich sound, and is in eS tuning, its shape also resembles an inverted S.
soprano sax – its shape may surprise beginners because this sax is straight as a pipe, has a delicate sweet sound, and comes in B tuning.

If you dream of playing the saxophone and are faced with choosing a saxophone type, first consider issues such as your preferred musical genre, ease of playing, and even size and weight.

Tenor sax, alto sax, and soprano sax – what are the basic differences?

The smallest and lightest is the soprano sax. However, a beginner may find it hard to extract sounds from it. In this case, the alto sax will be a much better choice as it is lighter and handier. It will also be the best choice for children.

The tenor saxophone is larger and heavier than the alto sax and soprano sax. It requires some experience from the player, and it usually plays solos in popular or pop music.

Should I buy or rent a sax?

If the sax is properly used and maintained, it can serve you well for decades. The problem is that buying one of the saxophones is quite a big expense. If you are not sure whether the adventure with the saxophone is not just a fad, rent an instrument. This way, you can also learn about the different types of instruments and make a buying decision at a later time.

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