Jupiter JAS710GN Student Eb Alto Saxophone



Jupiter instruments are known for their quality and durability. The JAS710GN is specifically designed for beginners with easy playability and accurate intonation.


  • Key of Eb
  • Lacquered Brass Body
  • Lacquered Brass Neck
  • Nickel-Plated Nickel Silver Keys
  • High F
  • Adjustable Thumb Rest
  • Metal Tone Boosters
  • Blued Steel Springs
  • Adjustable Plastic Thumb Rest
  • ABS Molded Case

The Jupiter JAS710GN Student Eb Alto Saxophone is a quality instrument designed with the beginner in mind, but is also well-suited for advancing students. This saxophone stands out with its superb playability, accurate intonation, and durable construction, characteristics often associated with the reputable Jupiter brand. It comes with an adjustable thumb rest for improved comfort, a high F# key, and articulated G# and C# keys, enabling the player to hit more advanced notes as their skills progress. Its gold lacquer finish gives it a classic, professional look, and the engraved bell adds an aesthetic touch. The saxophone also comes with a sturdy case, making it convenient for transport to lessons or performances. With a focus on quality and playability, the Jupiter JAS710GN provides a solid foundation for beginners and offers the durability and flexibility to support their musical journey for years to come.