Our Products

We pride ourselves on supplying the finest jazz instruments available on the market – and as jazz music specialists, we know exactly what you should be looking for.

Whether you’re wanting to bring back the swing era with your songs or looking to recreate some classic New Orleans jazz, we have the equipment you’ll need to make your musical goals a reality.

We specialize in the most popular jazz instruments out there, with a particular focus on jazz guitars and saxophones, as well as accessories for each solo instrument.

Premium Quality Jazz Guitars

Looking to get into playing jazz guitar, or want to upgrade to a more premium model or brand? We have electric guitars from all the most popular jazz instrument manufacturers at a range of prices, so you can find an instrument that suits you. No matter your budget, each jazz guitar we stock has the vibrant sound and classic look you've come to expect from every popular jazz band. We supply both solid and semi-hollow body guitars to suit your preferred sound and playing style and can give you guidance on all the components and styles you should be considering when buying an electric guitar or electric bass guitar.

A Full Range of Saxophones

A true classic never goes out of style, and saxophones will always be the quintessential jazz music instruments to many aficionados. We supply saxophones from all the most popular brass instrument companies, and include products at a range of prices to suit newcomers and experienced jazz musicians alike. Saxophones certainly aren't one size fits all, and that's why we stock a full range from powerful bass saxophones to the brighter and lighter sopranino varieties. Whether you're looking to play early jazz or modern jazz styles, we have saxophones to suit any kind of subgenre you're wanting to explore.

Jazz Music Accessories and Essentials

Any musician knows that buying your instrument isn't the end of the story - you also need other accessories and extras to get the most out of your abilities and your new purchase. That's why we supply important equipment like instrument cases and stands, new strings and reeds, and guitar straps to help you and your instrument play jazz to your fullest potential.