RVA Jazz Music Equipment

If you're looking for the best supplier of saxophones, guitars, and more jazz instruments online, you've come to the right place. At RVA Jazz, we feature a fantastic selection of top of the line instruments and equipment to suit every budget, style, and level of ability. Looking to buy a traditional jazz guitar to add to your collection, or to pick up a saxophone for the first time? We can help you find exactly what you're looking for. So, if you're hesitating to put together that jazz band, or unsure about upgrading your current instrument, don't wait - browse our selection of quality jazz instruments today.

High-Quality Instruments

If you want to produce the best-sounding results, you need to work with the best instruments available to you – and we’re proud to provide the finest products for every budget.

At RVA Jazz, we stock only the highest quality jazz instruments so you can learn with the best and express yourself with confidence. The jazz guitars we supply feature the clarity of sound favoured by most jazz guitarists, with warm, bright tones perfect for a range of classic and modern jazz styles, and we stock all the most popular manufacturers favoured by iconic musicians.

In addition to jazz guitars, we also stock saxophones for all ability levels and playing styles, with reasonable prices that won’t leave you playing the blues. We have all kinds of saxophones, from bass to sopranino and everything in between, and bought from a variety of manufacturers so you can find exactly the sound you’re looking for.

As well as stocking some of the most popular jazz instruments on the market, we feature more niche instruments made especially for jazz musicians that you’re unlikely to see in standard music stores. Staying in this specific musical arena means that we know all there is about playing jazz guitar and other jazz instruments, so you can trust us for your musical needs.

Our Equipment and Accessories

Experienced musicians and jazz guitarists know that getting the best instrument isn’t the whole story. You also have to think about maintaining your instrument so it can always sound the best, and any extras you might need to take your jazz guitar playing to the next level.

Our range of jazz instrument accessories will help cover all of your musical needs and any maintenance you might need to perform on your guitars, saxophones, or other instruments.

Whether you need a new reed or mouthpiece for your saxophone, or you’re just looking to restyle your guitar with a new strap, we have all the accompaniments you need to play to your fullest potential. Not only that, but we sell essential accessories like stands and cases to keep your new instrument safely displayed or stored for years to come.

The majority of accessories we stock are compatible with our range of instruments, and we can advise you on any extras you might need for your new purchase, so you can confidently treat us as your hub for all things jazz.

The Jazz Instrument Experts

Whether you’re just getting interested in music and looking forward to your first jazz guitar lesson or you’re a seasoned professional with decades of playing jazz solos in popular venues under your belt, we have equipment and instruments to support you and your goals.

If you’re unsure of how to choose the best instrument for you, or you need guidance on which accessories will work with your current playing style, you can get in touch with us for advice to learn more about what we do and make an informed choice on your purchase.