Jean Paul USA AS-40 Alto Saxophone



Jean Paul USA AS-400 Student Alto Saxophone, is a spectacular choice for aspiring musicians. This beginner-friendly saxophone, presented in a striking yellow brass finish, delivers a superior tone, robust durability, and smooth key action. The AS-400 is designed to facilitate easy playability, perfect for those new to the saxophone world. It features a beautifully engraved bell and power-forged keys for enhanced longevity. A contoured carrying case is included for ease of transportation, alongside a comprehensive accessories package to kickstart your musical journey. With an emphasis on sound quality and reliability, the Jean Paul USA AS-400 Student Alto Saxophone offers an unparalleled experience for any young artist.


  • Key Eb
  • Springs Blue Stainless Steel
  • Sound Profile Bright
  • Auxiliary Keys High F#
  • Thumb Rest Adjustable
  • Bell Decoration Hand Engraved
  • Key Buttons Mother of Pearl
  • Instrument Weight 5 lbs
  • Finish AS-400 Golden Brass Lacquer
  • Finish AS-400SP Silver-Plated

The instrument comes with a sturdy carrying case, essential accessories, and a beginner’s instructional book to help new players get started. With its accessible design and reliable performance, the Saxophone for Beginners is an excellent choice for anyone looking to learn the saxophone and start their musical journey.