Fender Deluxe Molder Stratocaster – Telecaster Electric Guitar Case



Protect your instrument with the Fender Deluxe Molded Stratocaster – Telecaster Electric Guitar Case. Engineered for the perfect blend of durability and style, this case is designed to accommodate both Stratocaster and Telecaster style guitars. Its outer shell is crafted from impact-resistant ABS plastic, while the EPS foam interior provides excellent shock-absorption, safeguarding your instrument from any bumps or drops. Inside, a plush lining preserves your guitar’s finish, ensuring it remains in pristine condition. The case includes a large storage compartment for your accessories, and its secure latches ensure your guitar remains safe during travel. With its sleek black design and Fender logo, the Deluxe Molded Case is the ultimate solution for preserving your cherished instrument.


  • Outer material: ATA polyethylene
  • TSA latch system
  • High quality polyester plush
  • Ergo handle
  • External dimensions: 105 x 41 x 12 cm

Another technical consideration when choosing a guitar case is the size and shape of the case. Guitar cases are typically designed to fit specific types of guitars, such as acoustic, electric, or bass guitars, and may come in different sizes to accommodate different body shapes and styles. It’s important to choose a case that fits the guitar snugly to prevent the instrument from moving around inside the case during transport.

Guitar cases may also come with a range of additional features and accessories, such as locking mechanisms, padded straps, and storage compartments for accessories such as tuners and spare strings. Some cases may also be designed for specific types of transport, such as air travel, and may include additional padding or reinforcement to protect the guitar during rough handling.

Finally, the style and design of the guitar case may be an important consideration for some musicians, with options ranging from basic black or brown cases to more elaborate designs with colorful patterns or graphics. By considering all of these technical factors, musicians can choose the perfect guitar case to suit their needs and provide maximum protection for their instrument.